Melges 24 V4 Reacher

$3,935.00 USD

The Quantum V4 is your go-to for bow up and jib out planning conditions. The new V4 is optimized for the 0-8 knot TWS range as well as 19+ knots TWS. The V4’s higher clew and straighter luff allow the sail to twist off so the boat unloads and sails faster at higher angles. Even in waves and chop when fully loaded, the new max-sized, class-legal design has improved helm feel for easier driving. Top teams from the 2022 World Championships showed how this sail handles big breeze and still maintains control. Available in AirX 650 or Dynakote75 and in a variety of colors and patterns, be sure to ask Quantum Melges 24 experts about add-on graphic options.

INCLUDES: Sail bag, adjustable luff and leech lines, class royalty, and ISAF measurement sticker.

We will reach out to discuss colors once ordered.

Please check the box for the sail royalty. This is a non-taxable item that is sent to the Class Association. If this box is not checked, you will be invoiced separately prior to your order being fulfilled.