Melges 24 Fusion M Mainsail

$5,150.00 USD

Using premium Fusion M materials and iQ Technology®, Quantum designers are able to create unprecedentedly fast, repeatable, and high-performing sails. Case in point: our updated all-purpose Melges 24 mainsail that passed its debut outing at the 2022 World Championships with flying colors. The new design is slightly flatter than our previous AP mainsail to cover a wider range of conditions on the racecourse. Durable, powerful, and fast, each sail delivers the performance you need from start to finish. Whether you're racing locally or in the Worlds, Quantum's Melges 24 experts are available to help with your upcoming campaign.
INCLUDES: Battens, bag, sail numbers, spreader window, vision window along the foot, class royalty, ISAF/IHC measurement sticker, and draft stripes.

Please check the box for the sail royalty. This is a non-taxable item that is sent to the Class Association. If this box is not checked, you will be invoiced separately prior to your order being fulfilled.