Melges 24 Fusion M Jib

$2,500.00 USD

Quantum's all-purpose Melges 24 jib works seamlessly with our mainsail to make a boat fly without compromising ease of handling or repeatability. Revised for 2022, the new shape has slightly less luff curve, more twist in the head to cover a wider wind range, and delivers a larger steering groove to help in challenging conditions. Using premium Fusion M materials and iQ Technology®, our designers are able to create fast, durable, high-performing, and championship-winning sails.

INCLUDES: Three vertical RBS battens, roll bag, vision window, class royalty, ISAF measurement sticker, and draft stripes.

Please check the box for the sail royalty. This is a non-taxable item that is sent to the Class Association. If this box is not checked, you will be invoiced separately prior to your order being fulfilled.