Melges 15 Bow Number

Melges Sailing Supply  |  SKU: 61339
$100.00 USD

Class-legal Melges 15 bow numbers are required for class-sanctioned events. This item is sold as a set. 

Add your bow number to the order notes. 

Note: There is a port and starboard number. The slant should always go aft.

  1. Make sure the application surface is clean.
  2. Mark out with pencil 2.5 inches down from inside of gunwale and 2.5 inches back from Melges logo. It is helpful to mark down from the gunwale in both the front and back of where you will be applying bow number to ensure the number is level gunwale.
  3. Spray hull down a mist of water, a spray bottle is typically best option.
  4. Remove the sticker backing and spray the back of the sticker with water.
  5. Apply to hull, ensuring the bow number lines up with pencil marks. Once satisfied with the location, use a squeegee to remove all air.
  6. Let sit for at least 30min before removing the protective layer.