Atlas 2 Sailing Instrument

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Atlas 2 is the first sailing instrument capable of dual-band, L1 + L5 GNSS reception.
It's rare when you have a quantum leap in capability, but that’s what L5 brings to GNSS, and only Atlas 2 has it. L5 adds a second set of signals in a different frequency band, enabling the Atlas 2 to compensate for ionosphere error—something no other instrument can do. With positional accuracy measured in centimeters, it delivers numbers you can trust, time and time again.

Atlas 2 takes compass performance to a new level.
The state-of-the-art magnetic sensor is 4 times more sensitive and capable of resolving heading changes as small as 0.1°. An advanced motion fusion algorithm and adjustable damping keep the compass steady—even in the roughest conditions. Because if your compass doesn’t know where you’re heading, everything else it tells you is wrong.

If you win the start, you control the fleet.
It’s why we refined every aspect of starting for Atlas 2. State-of-the-art sensors. Sophisticated algorithms that give numbers you can trust. Distance and time-to-line. Starting screens that deliver the situational awareness you need to get to the line on time and at full speed. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask any number of top pros & world champions. They’ll tell you the same thing—Vakaros delivers starts that help them win.

Why do top sailors pay attention to heel and trim angles?
Because they know that every boat has an optimum attitude in the water for maximum performance. The Atlas 2 is designed to help you find those angles and hold them consistently, keeping your sails, hull, and foils performing at their best.

Need to measure depth, Speed-through-water, Wind
The Atlas 2 can wirelessly link with a range of sensors and combine their data with its powerful internal sensors and motion algorithms. Setting up new sensors is easy with the Vakaros Connect app, and you can customize the display to see exactly what you want when you want to see it.

Want lights to let you know when you’re running out of water? Done. How close are you to your polar numbers in 14kts true wind, we’ll tell you. Data logging for all your external sensors. Naturally.

Every Atlas 2 includes a game-changing technology called RaceSense.
It allows you to run an instant race with just the touch of a button, or enjoy an unmatched experience at your next regatta.

RaceSense can call the start with centimeter accuracy, putting an end to general recalls, black flag starts, and protests. It can enforce boundaries, handle scoring, and even show you a live leaderboard while you race. RaceSense is the future of racing, and it’s only available on Atlas 2.

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